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  • Nutritional supplements adapted for maximum perfomance.
  • Efficent natural products (plant extracts and essential oils) alowing production without antibiotics
  • The mineral and vitamin nutritional solutions enable animals to maximize their production
  • Mineralization and liquid fortification, an innovative solution for efficient daily farms.
  • Balanced products and adapted for optimal growth.
  • A range of products to secure and optimize production.


Essential oils

Nutritional supplements

Vitamins and minerals


Synergie Eurobec International Ltd. ACTIVITY

Synergie Eurobec International Ltd.


The custom
formulation customer

Listening, analysis, consulting and implementation, including monitoring of specific programs in accordance to your choice and technical requirements.

We try to maximize the value and wealth that nature gives us, in the implementation of our technological processes of manufacture.

The range of our production can provide an immediate response to the balance of metabolic profiles.

All our activities are aimed at total customer satisfaction. In this perspective, we share values ​​and guiding principles of mutual growth in terms of productivity, efficiency and professionalism with farmers every day.

  • Chickens Production
  • Hens Production
  • Guinea fowl Production
  • Turkeys Production
  • Milk Production
  • Calves Production
  • Pigs Production
  • Sheep Production
  • Goats Production
  • Salmon Production

Produce more, but spend less !

All our nutritional products are based on plant extracts, essential oils, vitamins and minerals.

Whatever the production, Synergie Eurobec International constantly working on new product lines, which are tailored to your specific needs.

Tous nos produits nutritionnels sont à base d'extraits de plantes, d'huiles essentielles, minéraux et vitamines.