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  • Nutritional supplements adapted for maximum perfomance.
  • Efficent natural products (plant extracts and essential oils) alowing production without antibiotics
  • The mineral and vitamin nutritional solutions enable animals to maximize their production
  • Mineralization and liquid fortification, an innovative solution for efficient daily farms.
  • Balanced products and adapted for optimal growth.
  • A range of products to secure and optimize production.

Synergie Eurobec International Ltd. OUR EXPERTISE

Synergie Eurobec International Ltd.

Synergie Eurobec International Ltd, invol- ved in the formulation and manufacture of dietary supplements, nutrition, vita- mins and natural products for a variety of livestock.

The problem which the company answers is to replace antibiotics in animal feed and reduce the anti-bio resistance.

Synergie Eurobec International Ltée. intervient dans la conception et la production de compléments alimentaires, nutritionnels, vitaminiques et naturels pour diverses productions d'élevage.

Our formulation work and applied research on products for livestock (chickens, hens, pigs, turkeys, ducks, cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, etc.) Are designed to fill the nutritional deficien- cies and/or subdeficiencies affect the immune system of animals and this, particularly during periods of difficult breeding and/or growth.

In addition to the reputation of products, rapid expansion of Synergie Eurobec International is also explained by the qualities of listening and responsiveness to the needs of farmers.

Products formulated and developed by our company meet the criteria in terms of efficiency :

  • therapeutic
  • prophylactic
  • zootechnical

Thus, as the cost of applications required by livestock industry.