Our expertise

The customer, its objectives and its expectations are central to the work of Synergie Eurobec International. A successful offer is based primarily on the proper interplay between the skills involved.

We design and manufacture dietary, nutritional, vitamin and organic supplements.

Our goal is to meet the challenges of livestock professionals who are increasingly confronted with persistent and recurrent pathologies related to the massive and systematic use of antibiotics in feed, thus creating antibiotic resistance.

In addition to the reputation of our products, the accelerated growth of our company can be explained by the way we listen to and act on the needs of livestock producers.

Products formulated and developed by Synergie Eurobec International meet the criteria in terms of:

  • Nutritional efficiency
  • Therapeutic efficiency

They also meet the application cost standards required by the livestock industry.

The full expression of the productive potential of the animals, as manifested in their ability to grow, to produce as well as reproduce, is achieved through a rigorous coverage of dietary needs. Among those, the need for minerals and vitamins is well known for its vital importance.

Products adapted to your needs

Synergy Eurobec International is constantly developing new product lines tailored to your specific needs, regardless of your production type:

Constant work

  • Chicken production
  • Hen production
  • Guinea fowl production
  • Turkey production
  • Dairy production

Whatever the production

  • Calf production
  • Pig production
  • Sheep production
  • Goat production
  • Salmon production