Antibiotic-free Chicken

Success through a safe and global approach

A global point of view must now be adopted. And this new approach cannot be dismissed as something of little consequence. To do so would be neglecting the basic rules of livestock farming. And we all know how they are essential. Those are what we will call “bare minimum” rules.

Chick quality and viability, livestock management, food well suited to each physiological phase of chickens, bacteriological and chemical (pH) water quality, ventilation, etc. – as well as the breeder’s attention to details – are all well-established elements already in place and implemented by the several agents involved in the production chain (hatchery operators, dieticians, veterinarians, technicians and breeders).

Antibiotic-free poultry farming is a major shift in the way we raise chickens. The industry must protect itself by adopting flawless prevention treatments ensuring the best possible livestock health outcome (digestive and respiratory) for optimum technical and financial performance.

This prevention treatment program must take into account all the measures required to ensure a good prevention of possible animal diseases such as coccidiosis and necrotic enteritis, conditions that have several causes and can bring about heavy financial losses.

Before suppressing antibiotics, we must opt for an alternative solution that promotes good chicken gut health by adopting a product with a broad-spectrum action that solidly prevents coccidiosis and necrotic enteritis. Necrotic enteritis is often a direct result of poor coccidiosis control (subclinical or silent) that may degrade the integrity of gut flora and intestinal mucous membranes which, in turn, causes necrosis of these walls. These microtears are ideal sites for the evolution and growth of anaerobic bacteria such as Clostridium perfringens.

There is no miracle cure. This prevention approach must be broad-acting (immunity, metabolism, Coccidia, bacteria, etc.). It is also necessary to create an environment detrimental to the growth of parasitic (coccidiosis) and bacterial infections (Clostridium perfringens and others…).

The multiplicity and combination of ingredients sources and their active principles are essential and necessary. Plant extracts and essential oils – working together with elements contributing to their efficiency such as specific organic acids, minerals, vitamins, antitoxins, etc. – allows livestock to express their full potential (digestive and respiratory health).

The approach we advocate and the complexity of our products enable animals to develop their own defences (phagocytes) to help them maintain maximum intestinal health. Because of this, we provide livestock producers with the worry-free option and means to produce antibiotic-free chickens by combining zootechnical performance and cost-efficiency.

Action Modes and Main Ingredients

Plant extracts:

  • Stimulates non-specific immunity (phagocytosis), thus natural resistance to stress, parasite infections or infestation (protozoa/Coccidia), and anticoccidial effect.
  • Block Coccidia development.
  • Support Coccidia waste elimination.
  • Promotes the elimination of hepatic and diuretic toxins (liver, kidneys).
  • Disinfects and regulates intestinal fermentation.
  • Protects and regenerates intestinal flora and mucosa integrity.

Essential Oils:

  • Anti-infectious, broad spectrum antibacterial, very active on gram-positive bacteria (Clostridium perfringens, etc.).
  • Antiparasitic (active against Coccidae) and antifungal.
  • Bactericidal.

Organic acids

  • Decreases food bolus pH.
  • Bactericidal and antifungal effect.
  • Minimize range of conditions that may give rise to bacteria and promote their growth (Clostridium perfringens, E coli, salmonella, etc.).
  • Promotes effects of plant extract and essential oils.


  • Immunity
  • Stress
  • Antihemorrhagic

The complex formulation of Nutri-Gro (powder) and Tecnocok (liquid) anticipates all the risks a chicken raised without antibiotics may face during its growth. We have predicted, so to speak, the “unpredictable” with those two products since it is extremely difficult to maintain and manage perfect breeding conditions at all times.

Thanks to our years of field experience, Synergie Eurobec is able to provide efficient and innovative solutions to breeders concerned about antibiotic resistance and wishing to preserve the future of antibiotics in human medicine. These products are also recommended for organic production.

Nutri-Gro® is a natural food additive that helps maintain good intestinal health, which in turn controls the risk of Coccidia and helps prevent necrotic enteritis. We have also observed that this product has an effect on growth as a result of good animal health.

Tecnocok® is also natural product, but is administered through drinking water as soon as the first signs of increasing mortality are observed. When administered quickly, Tecnocok usually helps to stop mortality within 24 hours.